Who We Are

Hillside Hope exists to help people find and follow Jesus.

What to Expect

Come as you are - spiritually and physically. Feel free to wear clothing you are comfortable in, either casual or more formal.

When visiting Hillside Hope Assembly, someone will typically greet you at the door and explain where the various classrooms and the sanctuary are located.

Once a month, we celebrate communion during the service. On communion Sundays, a disposable cup of grape juice and a wafer attached to the top will be distributed in the lobby. Bring the cup with you to the service and the entire congregation will eat and drink them together at the appropriate time. Anyone who understands and believes that Jesus died for our sins, and has asked him to forgive their sins may participate in communion.

The congregation enjoys singing modern music with an occasional hymn, usually with a small band.

The offering is a way for members and attendees to worship God financially; however, there is no expectation that guests must give.

The pastor usually speaks for about 30 minutes and during the sermon, children are excused to attend Kid's Church.

Following the sermon, it may be appropriate to take a few minutes to reflect on the message and find ways to apply it to our lives and pray. If, you need to leave during the prayer time, it is generally acceptable to quietly step out of the auditorium while others continue to pray.

If you have any questions, feel free to talk with the pastor, board members, or anyone else. ​We hope you will come again soon!

What We Believe

Hillside Hope Assembly is a member of the Assemblies of God denomination. The foundation of our faith is found in the Bible.

We agree with other Assembly of God churches on 16 fundamental truths: ​​​​​​​
1. The Scriptures are Inspired
2. The One True God
3. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
4. The Fall of Man
5. The Salvation of Man
6. The Ordinances of the Church
7. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
8. The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
9. Sanctification
10. The Church and its Mission
11. The Ministry
12. Divine Healing
13. The Blessed Hope
14. The Millennial Reign of Christ
15. The Final Judgement
16. The New Heavens and the New Earth

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When We Meet

During the pandemic, small groups and classes are not taking place. All ages are meeting together in the main auditorium for the  Sunday worship service and the Wednesday Bible study.

9:00 AM - Small Groups for All Ages meet in classrooms in the church
10:00 AM - Worship service meets in the main auditorium

6:30 PM - Bible study for all ages 

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Office Hours

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


9:00 AM - 11:30 AM