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Over the last few months, we have been slow to make adjustments to our COVID protocols in hopes of helping everyone feel comfortable.

Given the recent changes in CDC guidelines, our state regulations, local mandates, the availability of the vaccine to all who desire it, and the decline in the spread of the virus, we believe it is time to make Four adjustments:

     1. Since we began in-person services, masks have been recommended for adults and required of   
         greeters. Starting June 6th, masks will be optional for all.

     2. At our gatherings, physical distancing has been applied by first roping off the rows. As we   
         transitioned to chairs, we have spaced the rows to ensure more room between aisles. Starting 
        June 6th physical distancing will be self-regulated.

     3. As part of our Covid protocols, we have not been serving coffee, knowing that it would    
          encourage people not to wear masks and create pockets of people congregating. Starting June 
         20th, we will be serving coffee on Sundays in the Guest Service area. Personal physical space will
         be self-regulated.

     4. Kids Church: Our seating strategy for Kids Church has been grouping our kids in families.
          Starting June 6, the new seating arrangement will have boys on one side of the room and girls  
          on  the other side.

We will continue to clean and sanitize all areas to ensure safety.

While some in our church will be excited about these adjustments, I’m sure others will be concerned. Some will wear a mask, and others will not. I invite you to make the decision that is best for your family while helping us promote unity among our people as we move forward. I promise you will be welcomed and loved whether you show up in a mask or without one. Our church is a place where you belong!

I love being your pastor,
Dave Beroth
Lead Pastor Hillside Hope

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